Winter is here to stay...for a few months.

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post from PakHye Goods.  We wish everyone a happy, joyful, successful, and wonderful 2018!!  We want to continue to spread love and joy through art and our creations.  

So here we are finally with our own website and online store!  If you were to ask us a year ago if we thought about starting an online store to sell our handmade jewelry we probably would have said that it is the farthest thing from our mind.  A year and a half ago, when we began to sell our jewelry at Portland Saturday Market, we were so green and only thought of PakHye Goods as a fun side project where we could make some extra money.  Now we have our own website and hope to reach more people and places to sell our one of a kind handmade jewelry.  

So much has changed since our first days of selling at Portland Saturday Market and online through Etsy.  Sue and I have grown a lot over the past year and half as we have learned a lot of the "ins and outs" of selling handmade goods at various Markets and Events.  Sue and I have grown emotionally both together and individually and Sue has developed her art and honed her skills and expanded the style of the jewelry.  We've been fortunate to grow PakHye Goods by being accepted and attending many different festivals and events  throughout oregon and washington.  Through these various events, we met new people that have assisted in our development, both customers and vendors.  Our first event outside of the Portland Saturday Market or First Thursdays in the pearl was the Oregon Winterfest in Bend, oregon.  That felt like a catalyst for us to feel confident in applying and attending different events.  We were accepted and vended at the final two Portland Night Market events of the year, Vancouver's monthly Night Market, and numerous Holiday events that kept us extremely busy.

Vending at these various events has allowed us to share PakHye Goods jewelry with numerous people who are both new and old customers and vendors.  we also met a few local store owners who showed interest in the PakHye Goods line of jewelry.  We can proudly and happily say that you can find some of our jewelry for sale in Timberline Lodge's Wy'East Day Lodge shop on Mt Hood and the store in the PDX Airport, D1.  If you're in Bend you can find our items for sale at 'The Bend Store'.  This would not have happened without our customers and our vendor friends and anyone who has helped and supported us on this jourey.  We thank you all so much for the support and will do what we can to pass that on.

We are excited and hopeful for the future of PakHye Goods and our various lines of handmade jewelry.  In February we will return to Oregon Winterfest in Bend, Oregon on the 16th-18th.   PakHye Goods will also be at the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival the week following oregon Winterfest beginning February 21st- February 25th.  

This post has ended up being longer than I initially planned and if you've read this far I trully appreciate it!  Here is to an amazing 2018 for you all!!!  We are excited to see what is around the corner and hope to see you soon!

Thank you,

Sue and Nate

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