artisan jewelry

Spring is Here and We are Blooming in The Pacific Northwest

As the cold rain and cloudy skies clear and the old missing friend of ours returns shining bright in the sky warming the cool streets of the City of Rose's and the Pacific Northwest, PakHye Goods is creating and preparing for a beautiful and busy Spring and Summer.  These months are the prime period of vending at outdoor markets where Pakhye Goods can be found at the Portland Saturday Market almost every weekend and First Thursday's in the Pearl and the Portland Night Market once per month.  

Spring days are the beginning of vacations, traveling, hiking, camping, and days where no jacket is required and people of the City begin to wake from the Winters long hybernation and once again explore the City not worrying about carrying an umbrella or coat.  Farmers Markets, Street Fairs, and Artisan Markets and Fairs are bustling with activity on almost every weekend.  These festivals that pop up every summer when the weather turns warmer throughout this wonderful Nation where we live are important events for our local communitees and economies and bring us together as neighbors, friends, and families.  Spring brings back memories of our childhood and a feeling of rejuvination and connection with people and nature of our world.  It is a time for planning hiking trips and backpacking through the forests of the Pacific Northwest as well as throughout the United States.  IT is a time where we prepare for announcements of music acts at various outdoor venues summer concert series.  music and art festivals begin to announce lists of bands and art vendors scheduled to entertain us throughout the summer.  spring is a time for immense change and growth as the wild flowers begin to cover mountainsides and meadows.  Personally, it is a time of inner growth and change as we set goals and develop directions for the path that we are planning to take to reach the summit in our dreams.  

Pakhye goods is currently setting out the path we want to take to continue to grow and develop and share our art and passion with everyone.  we are extremely happy and blessed to be where we are and to know that our handmade jewelry is something more than another item used as a costume to show off.  Our jewelry is made to share our love for the world around us and the beautiful landscapes of the pacific northwest.  The necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings we create tell a story of who we are and we hope the images connect with you and tell your story too.  

As the weather warms and the flowers blossom and trees become green again, pakhye goods is preparing and planning for the summer festival season.  sue is honing her technique and skills while developing new imagery and designs that will continue to surpise and amaze.  The Portland Saturday Market has reopenned for its 45th season and Pakhye Goods is in attendance on many saturday's and sunday's.  You can often find us at the portland night market, as the schedule for the night market is now occuring once per month.  Pakhye goods has been a regularly attended each portland night market event since our first time last september.  The portland night market is a wonderful, fun, new, and exciting event that has added a new demention to the portland maker community.  It is a different experience than any street fare or event.   pakhye goods is also planning to attend various art festivals throughout oregon and in other states on the west coast.  

There are many things to be grateful for with the changing season as we ready for the beautiful summer months.  We at pakhye goods hope that you have a wonderful spring as you grow and continue on your path and we hope to see and meet you at one of the various artisan festivals in oregon and the west coast.

See you soon!!!

Sue and Nathan