Handmade Mount Hood Verticle Bar Necklace

Handmade Mount Hood Etched Verticle Bar Necklace

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Artisan Made, Hand Drawn, Acid Etched Mount Hood, Verticle Bar Necklace

PakHye Goods designed a verticle necklace utilizing the majority of both sides of the pendant. One side includes imagery of majestic Mount Hood while the other includes a classic fir tree that reminds you of the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.

We have three different designs for which you to choose on the front side of the pendant. We have a classic image of Mount Hood with a Halo of the Sunrise and clouds above and fir trees and an image of a ski run below the Majestic Mountain. The second design includes Mount Hood with Geometric Images to creat a modern feel to the pendant design. Our third option inlcudes Stars above Mount Hood and a stylized Ocean Wave below or you can choose the custum option and create your own. Each pendant has our classic Fir Tree Design on the reverse of the pendant.

Each pendant is approximately 2 inches in length but if you would like it smaller in size we can assist you if you contact us by email at info@pakhyegoods.com.

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Handmade Mount Hood Verticle Bar Necklace
Handmade Mount Hood Verticle Bar Necklace
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