Artisan Made, Hand Painted, Acid Etched, Mount Hood and Portland Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
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Artisan Made, Acid Etched Mountain Images Extra Large Cuff Bracelet


Handmade Mountain Range Etched Extra Large Cuff Bracelet

PakHye Goods Brings you one of our favorite items which is extremely popular at the various events we attend and sell our handmade jewelry. We bring to you our Extra Large Cuff Bracelet with hand drawn and acid etched images of different gorgeous landscapes of the Great Pacific NorthWest. Our Extra-Large Cuff Bracelet is 2 in. high and 6 in. long.

Our Extra-Large Cuff comes in three different styles for you to choose at checkout. PakHye Goods Jewelry creates an Extra-Large Cuff Bracelet with imagery of Mount Hood and The City of Roses Which it towers over, Portland, Oregon. The Second Choice We Create includes imagery from the beautiful landscapes of Central Oregon, including Mount Bachelor, Three Sisters Mountain Range and the One and Only Crater Lake National Monument. Our Third Extra-Large Cuff Includes Imagery of Washington Stateโ€™s glorius Mount Raineer and/or Mount St. Helens.

We also offer a custum design for you to choose the imagery that you want etched onto the extra-large cuff. Following ordering a custom design please email us with your order number and a description of pictures of what you want etched on the cuff. Email:

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Artisan Made, Hand Painted, Acid Etched, Mount Hood and Portland Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
Artisan Made, Hand Drawn, Acid Etched, Brass Mount Hood Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
Handmade, Acid Etched Mount Hood Portland Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
Handmade Acid Etched Central Oregon Themed Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
Handcrafted, Hand Drawn, Acid Etched, Mount St Helen's Extra Large Cuff Bracelet
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